The most popular ski resorts near Oslo Airport

Oslo airport is not in Oslo itself, but the location of the airport is about 40 kilometres from the city. One of the most common forms of transport from the airport to the ski area is the train. There are various train connections to ski areas. The only disadvantage is that you have to switch trains a couple of times. But in the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Ski resort Hafjell (beginners & family)

In Oppland, Norway lies the Hafjell ski area. The ski area is known throughout Scandinavia and is an excellent winter sports destination for novice skiers and families. Ski area Oppland is about 10 kilometres from the Olympic city of Lillehammer. The ski area is part of the Lillehammer lift pass which gives you access to more than 100 kilometres of pistes. The slopes are divided into four regions, namely Hafjell, Skeikampen, Kvitfjell and Gålå.

Characteristics of the ski area
That ski resort Hafjell is so well known in Scandinavia is due to the beautiful fun park ‘Hafjellparken’. This fun park makes this a top destination for freestylers and cross-country skiers. There are more than 300 kilometres of trails. Ideal if you make long trips.

Ski resort Hafjell is the largest area with about 40 kilometres of slopes. There are many different routes and variations, the majority of which are relatively easy descents. Besides, the runs are quite long, so a lot of time to ski. For the advanced skier, there are a few pistes that are steeper. These slopes were used for the 1994 Olympic Games.

That the area is very suitable to go with children is evident from the fact that in Hafjell there is an indoor children’s playground, a children’s play city and a winter amusement park. In the ski resort is even a good childcare and children’s ski schools that are shielded from the main runs. Very nice!

Distance from the airport to the ski area
The distance from Oslo Airport to the Hafjell ski area is 160 kilometres. A car or taxi will take you in about 2 hours and 12 minutes to your accommodation.


Ski resort Hemsedal (advanced)

Most of the ski areas in Norway are especially suitable for novice skiers. For advanced skiers, the Hemsedal ski area is the most suitable winter sports destination. Of course, as in all of Norway, Hemsedal also thought about the children because there is a beautiful children’s area. But with more challenging red and black runs, advanced skiers will undoubtedly enjoy themselves here.

Characteristics of the ski area
The ski area is snow-sure and has many cosy wooden chalets with sauna, fireplace and wood interior. Experience the real Scandinavian feeling here. This area is somewhat more expensive than other areas.

Because of the excellent quality snow, there are enough ski opportunities to go off-piste. That the snow quality is of such good quality is mainly because the temperatures in Scandinavia are lower than in other places in Europe.

Compared to areas in the Alps, it is very quiet here. You can, therefore, enjoy your skiing holiday even more. The ski resort is not very big, but because of the many different types of pistes, it is nice to stay here for a week. Besides, the slopes are very well maintained.
To make sure you keep your valuables safe, there are lockers at the beginning of the piste.

Distance from the airport to the ski area
Because there are fewer airports in Norway than in other popular winter sports destinations in Europe, the range to the ski area is somewhat larger. The travel time from Oslo airport to the ski area by taxi or car is about 3 hours. The travel distance is 214 kilometres. offers free airport information through its own websites and partners. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned. Use for commercial purposes requires permission from, see the disclaimer.