Airport information brought to a whole new level

Introducing our new brand, AirMundo

Over the years we have been active with different domains and in various languages :

With plans to expand to more languages it was time for a new, global brand name. Our ambition is to become the world leader in providing information about airports and air travel. Worldwide. With our new brand, AirMundo, we are making this step.

Bringing you content that matters

We believe that providing our visitors with the right content is what matters. AirMundo collects relevant content needed for a pleasant flight and bundles it on its website. This way you save precious time while you get the information you need. With plans to provide our content in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian and many more languages, we hope to provide all of our visitors with the information they require.

Less ads, less distraction

While it’s a great way to provide visitors with free content, we know that ads are not always cool. This is why we have introduced a zero ad policy. Instead, we introduced helpful and easy to use widgets to get you what you want. With these widgets you can ‘Book a taxi’ to anywhere, ‘Find a hotel’ near the airport or ‘Reserve cheap tickets’ for that thing you’re interested in. No ads, no distractions. Instead, we provide you and many others with a great and satisfying experience.

Our widgets make life easy (and cheap)

Through various API integrations we developed user friendly widgets to quickly:

We compare prices for you so you will always find the best deal available.

The future of air travel information

We hope that through the introduction of our new brand and online platform we can continue to serve our visitors in the long term. If you have any ideas or feedback contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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