Eilat Ramon Airport officially opened

Israel has officially inaugurated Eilat Ramon Airport, the first wholly new civilian airport built in Israel. Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu opened the modern Eilat Ramon Airport, named after father and son Ramon.

The airport is located in the south of Israel, close to Eilat and the Red Sea. The first passenger flight was carried out by airline Arkia from Israel. Eilat Ramon Airport is the replacement of Eilat J. Hozman Airport in the middle of the city and Eilat Ovda Airport 60 kilometres north of the city. As planned, the new airport has cost 1.8 billion Israeli shekels (430 million euros). The official opening should have taken place in April 2017, but was postponed twice.

Domestic and international flights

For a short period of time, Eilat has three operational airports. At the moment Eilat J. Hozman Airport is still used for domestic flights and Eilat Ovda Airport for international air traffic. Both airports are open for public until March 2019 and close doors shortly after. From February, Eilat Ramon Airport will be used for a few domestic flights per week. Domestic flights will be carried out on a regular basis by mid-March, then Eilat City Airport will close. At the end of March international air traffic will be moved from Eilat Ovda Airport to Eilat Ramon Airport. If everything goes according to plan, Eilat Ramon Airport will be fully operational in April 2019, exactly two years later than planned.

Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport

The opening of the new airport is a milestone that will give tourism to holiday destination Eilat a new boost. This also applies to neighbouring countries Jordan (Petra) and Egypt. Currently, international passengers have to use Eilat Ovda Airport at an hour’s drive from Eilat. Eilat is a popular holiday destination for Europeans; it is one of the best winter sun destinations in Europe from October to March. In the city and southwest of Eilat on the Red Sea are many hotels and resorts. According to NY Times, Eilat is one of the ’52 places to go in 2019 ‘. Incidentally, the new airport is named after father Ilan Ramon (pilot and astronaut) and son Assaf Ramon (pilot), both died tragically.

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