Worldwide airport information now also available in French

Great news! We have just launched the brand new French version of our website. So far we have translated all major French airports and the largest international airports around the globe and there is more to come. 

We now welcome all French-speaking visitors, from the 30 countries where the French language is spoken. We hope to help you out with handy airport information from airports around the world in your own language.

Instant services

This way you can find your way from or to any airport in the world. You can book your airline tickets at a low cost. Park your car at a safe and cheap place. You can easily book airport taxi services in advance. You will stay at the best-priced hotels near airports and find great things to do in famous cities around airports. With AirMundo you are well prepared to fly and enjoy your stay all over the globe.

Let’s celebrate!

To celebrate this special milestone together with our visitors, we came up with an excellent idea. Among the social media followers we now have and will welcome this year (until 31 December 2019) we will randomly give away Tagonce labels. With this, you will quickly find your lost luggage. Very handy. So follow us at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Expanding the website

We continue to work hard on expanding the website and provide airport travellers with the most relevant information. Our team conducts thorough research into the prices of parking and taxis at global airports and publish reports on this every six months.

Also, we will keep adding new national and international airports. Do you miss any information or want to contribute to our website? Just send us your tip or information request. Together we can make our journey as pleasant as possible.

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