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Tasja Botha (Anglais)
il y a 4 mois

If you can avoid this airport avoid it!

I stood in a security que right in the front waiting to go through for 10mins while the staff where chatting and laughing. They knew there were four people needing to get through security to make the British airways fly to city airport but they did not care one bit. There attitude was it is not my problem even when asked to tell the Ground crew staff that we were there. Upon finally arriving at the gate we were told sorry gate closed. We asked did the security guy not tell you we were at the front of the que, to which we were told we have been having problems with the security control since the summer and unfortunately they do not have control of what we can and cannot do.

If the security company at Frankfurt airport actually did their jobs and not chat to each other the entire time, I wouldn’t have taken us 15 mins to get through security when one is first in the que. Also none of us were pulled over either so just the security firm having no sense of urgency at all.

Needless to say the lady at British airways was a great help in getting me on the next flight out... thank you

Oldbidie (Anglais)
il y a 10 mois

I recently had the misfortune to have a connecting flight at this airport. It was an oasis of calm until we went to the gate. There were hundreds of people there. It was like an Indian train station in films. We had to queue at an entry gate to have our documents checked + were directed to the end of a long, long line. When we got to the front were were told that we had to join another line to get visas checked again. Got to the front of this huge line where young man checked our papers while dealing with another query on the phone. Told us to go to front of original line. A group of loud mouth Americans (all wearing black T shirts for some 2018 Alaska tour) told us to go to the back of the line. So they are in charge of procedures at this airport? Anyway back at the end of line. Eventually get to front and told that papers not stamped + go back to second line again. At this point I was angry + asked them to get the idiot boy over + do his job properly. Can I give this no stars? All personnel were rude and incompetent + why was almost everyone in the airport pushed into one small area?

Ismaeil Fazel (Anglais)
il y a 11 mois

As a Canadian, witnessing the impolite, unprofessional, racist behaviour of German staff was a total consternation!! constrrnated

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