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il y a 1 mois

I had a terrible experience at this airport. First of all, there is nothing, no cafe or shops, nowhere to wrap your luggage and nobody cares to help. But the worst is the hand luggage control - they may take ANYTHING they want from your carryon, they don’t bother to explain to you why they take it, to be honest I doubt that they actually spend a little time learning what is allowed to the cabin and what is not, they just assume that they know (if one of them doubts, he just looks at his colleagues and they together decide). They won’t show you any paper or instructions they just take your staff from your bag and say it is a rule. And I am not talking only about cheese (they LOOOVE to take cheese from tourists, you can see that smile and definitely can say that they enjoy their tiny power to take your things that you spend your own money on), they can practically take ANYTHING! Food, cosmetics and more, ones they took my tape). If you dare to tell them that you disagree with them they become extremely rude and disrespectful (to young, adult and old people)! They definitely won’t try to find a way to save your property before you come back (because they enjoy taking it from you and seeing you upset), people who use this airport usually leave the country forever and this is a reason why they think they can act so. They know that none of their supervisors will hear about it, they know that the tourists don’t have time to argue about their things, passengers don’t want to have any problems and miss their flight and this is why the workers of the airport can do whatever they want, laugh to your face when you cry about your things that they take. I am curious, does anybody check what is in those blue boxes? Does anyone check what these workers take from people? Or we just assume that tourists only make mistakes?

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