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Commentaires pour Región de Murcie Airport

Lisez des évalutions ou postez une évalution à propos de Región de Murcie Airport (RMU) à Espagne. Fournissez aux autres voyageurs de l'aéroport des précieuses informations sur l'aéroport et partagez votre expérience à l'aéroport.Jusqu'ici, 4 passagers ont évalué l'aéroport sur Región de Murcie Airport et accordé une note de 2 sur 5


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il y a 5 mois

I needed the assistance at this airport and I could not fault it, They were friendly and helpfull. I needed the full assistance which included getting on and off the airplane.

il y a 1 année

Terrible hot airport nowhere to eat and in the middle of no where

Kim Dowsett (Anglais)
il y a 3 années

We will never use this airport again. We flew in Saturday 24 August 2019 in the evening and collected our hire vehicle. Signage for leaving the car park was not easy to find. The guy at Goldcar / Interent was very helpful with a map of where you needed to go road wise and where to fill up on the return as we always hire full to full with the car. On returning whilst we had filled up locally (over 50km away) we arrived at the fuel station on the A30 as suggested to find it closed!!! This was at 7.45pm. We then had a sudden panic that we would be charged the excess for Interent refuelling. Luckily the gauge showed full still! There was a long wait to check the car back in as only 1 person on site. Went to main office and lots of people complaining about dirty cars etc and were told they have a lack of staff and over 200 cars going out every day and could not keep up with demand. Airport is small and not a lot of do and not so many comfy seats if your flight is delayed. Our flight was delayed and there was no mention on arrival. Still gave original departure time up until 30 mins before due to leave and then the gate was changed to Dublin! Sticking to Alicante. Never never again. Too dis organised even though been open for a while now.

Mike (Anglais)
il y a 3 années

After nearly twenty years of waiting....very, very dissappointing. Heartless airport. Uncomfortable seats. Poor duty free lines. Was visiting Spain and did not want to by products from France. Why were most of the few Spanish products for sale only with Murcia marked on them? Come on, Andalucía is far more expansive than that! Why no Spanish shops, caferterias and bars? Why is there a W.H Smith shop in a Spanish airport? It was disorganised and on top of that it was selling expensive low quality sandwiches (the only ones available unless there was a desire to queue eevn longer). Very poor unimaginative design, cold ambience. It felt like being in a herd of cattle being gathered for slaughter. Would not want to be delayed here. Horrible way to end a holiday and I'm not the only one to think like this! San Javier Airport wasn't had much better refreshment facilities and at least there was feel of Spain-this is not an improvement.

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