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Recensioni di Firenze Airport

Dai un'occhiata alle recensioni o lascia una recensione su Firenze Airport (FLR) a Italia. Condividi informazioni importanti su questo aeroporto con gli altri viaggiatori e raccontaci la tua esperienza. Finora 4 passeggeri hanno lasciato una recensione su Firenze Airport e il punteggio medio di questo aeroporto è di 1 su 5.


5 mesi fà

Pessimo aeroporto , ritardi, cancellazioni, perché nascondersi che no e un aeroporto !La soluzione e potenziare Pisa

John S (Inglese)
2 mesi fà

FLR is an airport to avoid at any cost. The unions use passenger inconvenience as a lever to get what they want. The check in agents are unhelpful. The seat assignment system is arbitrary and doesn't respect prepaid seat selection arranged at booking. The gate agents have no information when there are delays, and will give out any lie that is handy to get the passengers to go away. There are no useful announcements to inform passengers of status of flights.
I recently spent 9 hours at the airport not knowing whether the flight will take off or not while the unions were having their fun with a strike. No information of any kind was provided.
Bags that are delayed go into a bag hell where thousands of lost bags are stored for months with little chance of being found and delivered. It took 3 trips to the airport and many hours of time to find my bags that were delayed from Vienna. I was receiving messages for 2 weeks after I found and picked up my own bags, stating the bags are not found. Forget this airport unless you have countless hours to waste. Come by train.

Robin Cross (Inglese)
3 mesi fà

Arrived in Florence Italy on August 29 2022
I wanted to get euros to pay our taxi. I exchanged $300 US dollars and was charged $381.09. My bank fee was an additional $3.80 Being robbed before setting foot in your city was not pleasant. For this reason I am giving you 2 stars
Beyond that, you have a very nice small and efficient airport with friendly people.

Amit (Inglese)
8 mesi fà

We flew from Barcelona to Florence.m with Vueling Airlines. Once we landed the trabsfer from flight to airport arrival and the baggage was too smooth. The speed at which everything happened by fantastic, then came the worst part , the security where i guess local police and security personnels were doing the security checks. We noticed that people who look different that the normal (you know what i mean), gets a smooth transfer, but if you appear different the security starts doubting you and ask unnecessary questions. Even asking questions are in a way acceptable even though it was not fair the way they only choose specific people and allow others to just leave, but the rude way of talking to people (with specific skin colour) is disgusting and irritating. They kept on speaking in local language even though we told multiple times that please speak in English. I don’t understand, are such airports only expect people travelling to know local language and be of specific skin colour. This incident ruined our whole trip and atleast i will not be travelling to this airport again.

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