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Recensioni di Gold Coast Airport

Dai un'occhiata alle recensioni o lascia una recensione su Gold Coast Airport (OOL) a Australia. Condividi informazioni importanti su questo aeroporto con gli altri viaggiatori e raccontaci la tua esperienza. Finora 5 passeggeri hanno lasciato una recensione su Gold Coast Airport e il punteggio medio di questo aeroporto è di 1 su 5.


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Anna Simeoni (Inglese)
2 mesi fà

Coolangatta Airport, what a joke, bring a chair or you may need to sit on the floor when waiting like I had to do for three hours yesterday due to delays, if you find a chair you have to sit with people eating all around you, also I saw lots of people looking for some where to sit, this airport has been bad for years, they should check out Canberra airport it’s the best. Disgusting for a airport that has thousands of people go through everyday.

Lynne (Inglese)
5 mesi fà

What a joke - international terminal must be there three to four hours before flight. Got through check in and first screening ok but then stood at international check in for 30 odd minutes waiting for border force to allow entry to terminal. No interaction with border force it’s all machine gates so why the delay. Sign while waiting said news agent closed but once we eventually entered we could not even get a coffee. We have had better service from third world international airports …. If I could rate less than one for international section I would. Gold Coast airport you need to improve your game.

Stephen Dunn (Inglese)
6 mesi fà

Too small., no staff,huge lines,international departures right next to domestic de
Pastures.rude overworked staff.nearly missed my flight.announcments too quiet.never again..

Katrina Hunter (Inglese)
7 mesi fà

Horrible terminal 1. Most of the seating at the Gates has been removed and they have been replaced with fast food outlets and bars. Very difficult to find airport airline staff, to hear announcements. The information panels don’t always get updated. You are on your own to navigate this place which sees people as herds of animals who pay to eat at the troughs while they wait for a plane. Too many people sitting on the ground. Too bad for the elderly or very young. Far Too casual and it felt like a bus terminal rather than an airport. Yuk avoid at all costs and go to Brisbane airport in the future.

Liz (Inglese)
10 mesi fà

The only bus linking the Gold Coast & airport is running HOURLY!
No bus shaded bus shelter at the airport. Passengers left standing & baking in the sun. An official in high vis won't answer questions about the bus timetable- goes into hiding. GC airport reception closed.

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