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Daniel (Inglese)
1 mese fà

Traveling to Ukraine now for eight years in a row, I've seen KBP transform from a humble concrete rectangle into a beautiful modern airport. The passport lines are quick, modern retail stores adorn the terminals, and the whole airport is clean and efficient. Flying into Kiev has been a pleasant experience.

Bruno (Francese)
3 mesi fà

Flight SN Airlines BRU (Brussels) - KBP (Kiev (Kyiv))
After landing, you arrive in a big hall where you will fill a paper on the table before passing the border (think to have a pen). Depending on the number of passengers, less or more border office are opened. Don't take too much care about the inscription "All Passport" written above the desk.
To pass the border, you need the paper filled and your passport. Once you have pass the border, you may pick up your checked baggage and follow the road "declare items" or "not to declare items" to get out . In this new hall, friends, family and taxi drivers are waiting for you. In the left-hand side you find an information desk (ask for a free map of Kyiv) and officials vendors of SIM phone card. Be careful about the price (have a check before on the company site before, to know which card you need!). On the right-hand side, after the main door, you will find the bus. This bus goes to the metro (60 rph/person) station Kharkivska (M3 - 324) and continues the route to the main railroad station (100 rph/person). If you go to the metro station, put your luggage inside the bus. If you go to the railroad, give your luggage at the driver. Take a seat, the driver before start will ask you to pay and will give you a receipt. The driver doesn't speak English! The bus ride directly to the metro station (first stop). Entry of the metro is near the bus stop. It is not very visible because of the market. Take the same stairs as those to cross the street and pass the subway doors. After those, you may buy a "jeton" for the usage of the metro (8 rph/person) at the desk (special window) open all the time. Insert the jeton in the machine and use the escalators to go down to the subway platform. On the wall of it, the name of the station and the name of the next stations are indicated to show you the direction of the line. Have a nice moment. (July 2019)

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