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Recensioni di Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport

Dai un'occhiata alle recensioni o lascia una recensione su Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) a Israel. Condividi informazioni importanti su questo aeroporto con gli altri viaggiatori e raccontaci la tua esperienza. Finora 5 passeggeri hanno lasciato una recensione su Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport e il punteggio medio di questo aeroporto è di 1 su 5.


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Anna (Inglese)
4 mesi fà

Terrible experience. Discrimination based on nationality. Me with Russian passport had to go to "special line" where others like me waited and were completely ignored. I had sunstroke and awful headache but the stuff didn't care. All they said was wait. Where is humanity there? My American friend made through security in 5 minutes and I had to wait almost 3 hours. Then they checked my things many times and took me to a special room where they did body check. Almost missed my flight. At the same time, they were rude and took my perfume, gifts that I bought for my friends and my Sunscreen even though my friend had similar items and they didn't even check his back. Awful treatment based on passport. Awful inhumane treatment. Not to mention personal questions asked many times both when entering and leaving the country.

Michael G (Inglese)
5 mesi fà

Worst airport ever seen. Spent 3 hours standing in 3 lines. Almost no seats in main hall. Families with small children standing in long lines too. Taxi scammers on arrival exit. Avoid this place.

Gary Hawkes (Inglese)
6 mesi fà

I’m 56 and have been all over the world and this airport is the absolute worst airport by far. Totally under staffed so huge 4 hour queue just to get a sticker and answer 4 questions which the airline carrier could mask you when you check in. Only 2 people asking the questions and giving security stickers. Never coming back, ruined our trip.
No air con in the walkway to the plane so queued for ages sweating like a pig.

Aneesa Muhammad (Inglese)
8 mesi fà

Hi there everyone
I wanted to inform the public about the most horrible experience I've ever had in my life at Ben-Gurion Airport.
Words cannot describe the inhumane way, that certain visitors are treated here.
The officials are heartless, rude, arrogant and most insensitive people I've ever seen.
They pick you out from the crowd and put you aside as if you're a criminal. They questioned my husband for hours and decided they don't want him in the country.. So they deported him.. He was fasting and was kept in a holding cell for 12 hours until the next flight back. No explanation was given.. He is an innocent man who has no criminal record whatsoever. They were extremely rude to his old mother who asked to speak to him as we had no contact with him.. They took his phone away and went through it. He had asked for something to break his fast with and they gave him frozen bread to eat. Nothing to drink. They took his bag away. He told them to give him the food from his bag.. They refused. They took his passport away and only gave it to him when he landed in our home country. I was heartbroken as I was forced to leave the airport without my husband and spend my holiday without my partner who paid for the trip which we really looked forward to. They had searched his bag and broken the lock and stole certain items from there. These were not items that anyone could use to harm anyone. I had to push the bags myself as no trolleys are available to use without a credit card. Imagine that. The taxi that we had arranged to get to the hotel with had left after waiting for 7 hours.. I had to arrange another one suddenly. They took my husband and I in for security screening and found nothing.. That too was a terrible experience.. They put their fingers through my hair.. Looking for God knows what.. My shoes were put in for scanning several times.. My body was searched and scanned several times.. So invasive of my privacy. They emptied my hand luggage and hand bag.. Including my husband's.. Scanned each thing.. And they snipped all the packets of sweets and chips that I had for snacks. Then I was told to put everything back... I was panicking as the boarding time for my flight was almost over..
This is the intimidation that an innocent visitor has to be put through.. And remember only certain individuals are picked out.. Gross oppression and injustice. I'll never visit your airport again.. I'll enter palestine through another entry point, as I love the Palestinians and their warm attitude towards foreign guests in the country.

John Atkinson (Inglese)
3 anni fà

Ben Gurion passport control are a joke. If your passport has undesirable stamps - Turkey, USA, etc - they will take your passport and say you will receive it back in a few minutes. The office it will be taken to will then not tell you anything, even if you only ask if they have your passport. Lots of junior staff sat round doing nothing. Rude and unhelpful

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