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Recensioni di Tenerife Sud Airport

Dai un'occhiata alle recensioni o lascia una recensione su Tenerife Sud Airport (TFS) a Spagna. Condividi informazioni importanti su questo aeroporto con gli altri viaggiatori e raccontaci la tua esperienza. Finora 15 passeggeri hanno lasciato una recensione su Tenerife Sud Airport e il punteggio medio di questo aeroporto è di 1 su 5.


Cristina Galloni
6 mesi fà

Ieri 19 giugno 2021 al banco di imbarco B30 sono stata aggredita sia fisicamente e verbalmente dall assistente . Un ometto basso con un neo in viso, non conosco il nome, ma mi ha spinto e cecato di portarmi via la valigia perché a suo dire non risultava il check del volo Ryan air Fr4898. Invece che aiutarmi gentilmente nello spiegarmi cosa è successo, ha iniziato ad urlare che io e mia mamma di 78 anni dovevo andarmene se non ero d accordo con lui. Mi ha fatto male ad un dito ed è per questo che manderò una denuncia all aeroporto e al signore così aggressivo. Se queste sono le persone che lavorano in questo aeroporto, la mia recensione è pessima.

7 mesi fà


1 anno fà

Controlli troppo rigorosi e severi e NON per causa COVID ma per mancanza di buon senso nonché di organizzazione. Un ora per uscire dall aeroporto all andata per verificare un semplice HS Code, 2 sole persone al controllo per 4 voli ! INACCETTABILE. Al rientro inoltre mille storie per alcune marmellate souvenir al controllo bagagli a mano. La security apriva quasi ogni singola valigia e nessuno possedeva la classica bustina di plastica che loro ti propinavano, dove a fatica inserivi un beauty base e cose fondamentali per il bagno.
Vergogna totale per questa regola assurda in Spagna ! Poi vengono da noi in Italia e al contrario Gli spagnoli fanno la bella vita in Italia ! Nessun controllo al rientro aeroporto italiano ne COVID né valige !

Colin (Inglese)
26 giorni fà

A member of security took my wife's expensive watch from her wrist & sent it in a tray through the security scanner. The watch subsequently disappeared & despite a search of the immediate area could not be found. I emailed the airport on my return to the UK to be told that the watch had in fact been found & was in lost property but was told it was my responsibility to get it returned to the UK. A friend of mine was still in Tenerife & agreed to collect it when they arrived at the airport for their return flight home. I emailed an authorisation form & copies of both mine & my friend's passport to the relevant department twice, but they still refused to hand the watch over. They are also not answering my emails asking for an explanation. Total disgrace.

Julia Morris (Inglese)
1 mese fà

Arrived home tonight into the UK from Tenerife to find that my suitcase has been ransacked. Unsure if anything is missing as of yet..but I feel extremely violated that this has happened. If this is a security issue then some kind of notification should have been placed inside the suitcase to make me aware. Feeling very upset by this incident tonight...6th November 2022..TFS to BRS on a Tui flight.

Patricia (Inglese)
2 mesi fà

Great new terminal. Pity about the security staff, so rude. I have never had to remove my hairdryer and straightener before while going through security. Security person asked did I have electronic items in my suitcase, which I didn’t. She pointed to the two items and said I had to go back and remove them and come through again. She just kept shouting at me in Spanish. Not helpful at all. There were no signs saying to remove such items from bags. Horrible experience

Marie (Svedese)
8 mesi fà

Rather small airport compared to others, badly planned and with generally very unfriendly staff. Asked a woman at the servicedisc beside the checkin the way to the gates and she looked at me as if I was an idiot and when I didnt understand her broken spanish/english she talked to me as if I was a 5 year old. Dont by food in the shop by Victoria secrets. Very expensive and again unfriendly staff with no knowledge of service or the English language. Got served by a middle aged man that couldn’t tell me if my sandwich contained chicken or not. Not strange that there was tremendous cues.
By food downstairs where there is a lot more to choose from to half of the price.

deborah odonnell (Inglese)
12 mesi fà

have travelled through this airport loads of times with no problems ,however travelled back to the uk on the 4/01/2022 and was very disappointed, toilets were disgraceful , overflowing bins, no hand soap, no paper towels, and no hand sanitiser in any the machines ,Tenerife quite rightly so wouldn't let anyone in without double jabs so we could try keep there country as safe as we could .maybe they could extend the same courtesy back when sending us home to our own country's

Sara Wilkins-Cross (Inglese)
12 mesi fà

Our suitcases that went through the hold-all had been searched and items taken from my husbands case and mine without our knowledge until we arrived home in Uk
We opened our cases and all my zips had been unzipped and someone had been into my handbag and taken out aftershave I’d bought my son. My husbands case had been searched and they had gone through his wallet and bumbag . We notified bank etc. but we want to make people aware that someone is going through the cases after putting them in the hold all. We will definitely be upgrading our cases with super locks for our next trips

Klára Kroupová (Inglese)
2 anni fà

Chtěla bych velmi poděkovat zaměstnankyni Letiště. Byla pro mě Andělem, jmenuje se Maria, nadosmrti ji budu zavázána, za její pomoc a ochotu.. moc si toho vážím, Děkuji, zmeškala jsem let do LONDÝNA, žádná cestovní kancelář mi nechtěla prodat letenku na následující odlet. Maria semnou komunikovala pouze krze překladač, neumím jazyky. Zkoušela různé možnosti jak mě dostat do LONDÝNA, Zůstala semnou i když měla po pracovní době. Její přítel byl naštvaný.. bez Maria pomoci bych se asi zhroutila. Odlet mi zařídila následující ráno, pomohla mě ubytovat na hotelu. Anděl Ještě jednou moc děkuji Klara

Sandra Palmer (Inglese)
2 anni fà

Tenerife south airport is by far the worst airport l have ever visited the staff are really ignorant and nasty especially the staff in security they seriously need sending somewhere for customer training I was left feeling embarrassed and upset by a member of staff who was female after my bag was removed from the scanner she wiped some sort of paper over my hands back and front then over my Bag then shouted OPENBAG which l did she put the paper inside my bag looked on a screen pushed me out of the way shouting GO lm a 73 yrs old woman and this behaviour from airport staff is unacceptable if the management team read these reviews please get new staff in security as the staff at the moment are letting your airport down very badly in fact l hope l never have to visit this airport again which is a shame as l love Tenerife. Visited airport 17 th March 2020

clive donovan (Inglese)
2 anni fà

Horrible security thugs when departing. They stand around shouting and pointing and pushing. I was humiliated and bullied because I couldn't get my bracelets off. They refused to scan me in the booth or with portable scanners. They stole my tweezers! [without telling me.] When you arrive, the fingerprinting system is pathetically unworkable. What are we..criminals? The worst and most unfriendly and stressful airport I've ever been in. The staff are appallingly ill-trained and managed.

Kate (Inglese)
2 anni fà

I have now twice been through Tenerife airport twice both times I have had combination locks missing from my bags and also a leather flowered strap which was tied through a combination lock so it would not come off my deceased husband had bought me which was of sentimental value this was a. Very unusual strap and it really upset me that they could take this also I had a combination lock of the st Andrews flag taken of the second time the zips of the bag had also been left open my friend also had her locks missing
I believe it to be that they should not search your bags unless you are present at the time I would want to make other passengers aware of this and to check there. Bags when they come off the conveyer belt I would give this no stars as this should not be done these items are of sentimental value and this is Avery upsetting experience I have no stars for this airport I had put one so people can read this review

Scott (Inglese)
3 anni fà

Dreadful. 600 passengers arrived and were queued back to the tarmac to get fingerprinted and photographed....then another queu to validate the finger print...meanwhile those without EU passports carrying identity cards or children stroll through in minutes....utterly insane...

Colin Collins (Inglese)
4 anni fà

Your new immigration kiosks establish a longer and welcome start to a Tenerife holiday. The new procedures are a barrier to sense. On Wednesday evening officials directed us to a long, long winding queue where each passenger had to be advised how to use the facility. Three people instructing; two officers directing passengers. Meanwhile, just a few meters away regular immigration police officials looked on...doing nothing except handle kids, non-EU passports and wheelchair pax.. These police are usually fast, polite - and helpful.

Your new system is dreadful. Seems like the bureaucrats have done it again. Brought in faster and more thorough checks which delay arrivals, increase employment, and waste services of existing staff. Passengers are such a nuiscance, aren't they? Please act. The new system does you no credit.

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