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Omdömen av Hurghada Airport

Läs omdömen eller skriv ett för Hurghada Airport (HRG) i Egypten. Ge andra flygresenärer viktig information om flygplatsen och berätta för oss om din erfarenhet av flygplatsen. I dagsläget har 9 flygresenärer skrivit ett omdöme för Hurghada Airport och gett 1 av 5.


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Gernean (Engelska)
För 7 och dagar sedan

I really had a nice time until I got to the airport they set up a team to harrass us they searched our bags from the start after taking of our shoes and searched our bags and frisk down and everyone else went through the same thing which was fine then they picked out a bunch of us and set up a team to divert us with movable desk we walked 15yards then a check point searched again our bags then after this we walked another 10yards another stop and searched again in our bags and then after this another 10 yards again going they were going through our bags this time saying phones and any I pads so they went through all the bags again covering a distance of 30yards it was really confusing I wanted to buy some jewellery and some things at the shops to take back with me I was really disappointed

Nikolay (Engelska)
För 12 och dagar sedan

On 10.12.2022 around 21:30 l was going through security checks before the gates. A person by the monitor confiscated a short rubber cord that I had in my carry on. He refused to answer my question about the legitimacy of his actions. He refused to provide the list of prohibited items. He also refused to provide his name. His supervisor also refused to provide explanation of his employee actions. Then another boss showed up, and another one, and another one. None of them was able to explain why the cord was confiscated. No paperwork was produced. All security personnel was unprofessional and disrespectful. Meanwhile, the passengers like me are the reason why the security employees are getting salaries and wages. Finally, one of the supervisors told me that the cord could be used for strangulation. That was one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. I am 67 years old. Whom and why would I have strangled on the plane? A pilot? A flight attendant? A passenger sitting next to me? How about dozens of things that allowed on the planes and which can be used for strangulation? Phone charging cords, shoe laces, shirt sleeves, etc. Hurghada airport management needs to get rid of mentally challenged employees. They hurt image of the airport and Hurghada as a whole. I will never advise my friends and family to go to Egypt. This country is very capable of destroying people's vacations.

Linda Powici (Engelska)
För 23 och dagar sedan

What a disgusting corrupt airport, 3 separate security checks, and mainly a lot of stealing going on, one lady lost her phone and another lost a watch, if you want to go into the bar that allows you to smoke, they insist you must buy a drink first charging way overpriced soft drinks, whilst in one of the smoking booths at the departure lounge I was chatting to an Egyptian worker, who informed me it was our government insisting on all these checks, what a load of utter crap, in my opinion, it is to cause chaos and mayhem, which making stealing from the security men easier, I'm sorry Egypt I for one will not be returning

Ron (Engelska)
För 2 och månader sedan

Using this airport will put your life at risk as the so called security are incompent and currupt. They bully and physically assalt tourists to pretend to carryout security checks, whilst they are actually stealing things from tourist in the guise of pretending they are taking band goods. There are three fake security checks, the second one is where the thefts take place on a huge scale, when I challenge the managers they refused to identify themselves by name or position in the company. It is very clear that NO serious risk assessments have taken place whilst extremely low risk tourists are assaulted, the high risk staff with daily access can go round or though the security unchallenged to potentially commit terrorist act with impunity, I saw many such security breeches in the short time I was there. This airport should not be used by any credible airlines until this curruption and lack of real security is dealt with. My advice to the travelling public is to avoid this airport as your life may depend on it.

Mohamed Kamel (Engelska)
För 2 och månader sedan

Very small airport. Letting passenger to wait outside if arrive early a little with no facilities around like coffee sops or chairs , the security and employees are lazy, not coming on time . I arrived 8 30 and flight was 10 30 . Security kept us at door. Check in was not ready. If we want to encourage internal tourism we should correct these conditions

Zara (Franska)
För 5 och månader sedan

Le pire aèroport du jamais vu.un personnel arrogant,des policiers ressemblant aux soldats allemands de la 1ere guerre mondiale.à l'arrivè on doit payer pour le visa avant mème de passer la douane ou le controle policier.une fois ils encaissent l'argent on t'invente des problèmes banales pour juste comliqué les choses et t'enerver.aucun supèrieur pour t'aider.j'ai voyagè presque partout mais je n'avais jamais eu ce sentiment de peur de menace.oui effectivement à n'importe quel miment tu peux te trouver incarcèrè dans un poste de commissariat.je ne mettrais jamais les pieds en Egypte.

Anony (Engelska)
För 8 och månader sedan

Worst airport of all. I’ve travelled a lot.

yasmin (Engelska)
För 12 och månader sedan

What a awful place, staff rude and zero help! Made some issue about the forms id done then checked with God knows how many people made issue after issue,finally resolved to be told check in had closed! We wasn't the only english people to have this issue on the same flight, even thought other passengers had same documents leaves me to wonder why. 99% of staff very rude wouldn't even allow me to stay in airport to use wifi to try arrange another flight for me and my 7 year old son. Genuinely will never return to Egypt and purely for this fact! I love Egypt but could never go through this experience again

Garry McDaniel (Engelska)
För 1 och år sedan

The Hurghada domestic and international terminals are the most ineffecient, chaotic and poorly managed operations of any airport in the world. The security forces and police at the airport are extraordinarily corrupt (demanding payment for even simple information about where to go to check in), poorly coordinated (they send lost travelers from location to location, each telling the passengers - no, it was the other location, not this one. The security staff then yell at each other for 4-5 minutes. If you ever wanted to know what it looks like to watch a bunch of monkeys try to solve a math problem, the Hurghada Airport will be the show you have waited for.

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