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Omdömen av Madrid Barajas Airport

Läs omdömen eller skriv ett för Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) i Spanien. Ge andra flygresenärer viktig information om flygplatsen och berätta för oss om din erfarenhet av flygplatsen. I dagsläget har 12 flygresenärer skrivit ett omdöme för Madrid Barajas Airport och gett 1 av 5.


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Charles (Engelska)
För 1 och månad sedan

Not sure why... but the A terminal, they've limited the seating!! International outbound flight, and less than 100 seats at the gate, but 300+ on the plane. Instead, you're expected to sit on uncomfortable marble steps further from the actual gate. And, within the 100 seats, there was 4 electric plugs!! Two gates away, there was a charger station, that again offered no seating!!

Matteo (Italienska)
För 2 och månader sedan

Mi tri nell’aeroporto di Madrid. Ho appena passato un controllo fatto da personale dei controlli ai bagagli a mano e in particolare ci tengo a evidenziare quello che mi è accaduto da pochi minuti a me e alla mia famiglia. Una poliziotta si è rivolta in malo modo aggressivo e arrogante a mia figlia minore spaventandola e umiliandola… urlando in lingua spagnola parole a noi incomprensibili, sequestrandole un oggettino in metallo distruggendone la scatola e mettendolo esposto difronte a tutte le persone presenti.. mia figlia si è messa piangere . Ci tengo a precisare che questa poliziotta ha dei modi veramente ignobili con le persone che passano il controllo e tutto questo non è normale. Va bene un controllo accurato ma non si trattano le persone come delle bestie. Io denuncio il modo con cui questa persona tratta le altre persone e non il servizio di cui è stata comandata. Se non c’è rispetto in questo mondo allora non c’è nulla.

Robert Fox (Engelska)
För 3 och månader sedan

Unquestionably, my worst airport experience in over 50 years of air travel. I would double down on all the poor reviews I read. For openers the MAD staff simply does not care. I love Spain and visited 6-8 times in the 70's and 80's. Last time in 2017. Never again will I visit Spain via that airport. You would think airport authorities have gotten the message by now and taken sorely needed action. Apparently not as I read 2022 reviews.

Bouchard (Franska)
För 5 och månader sedan

Nul pas de zone fumeur juste une pour la zone vip , les portes pour les départs changent peu de temps avant décollage aéroport médiocre.

Rekha Padhiar (Engelska)
För 5 och månader sedan

Queued for 2.5hrs upon arrival at this airport for immigration on 24th May 2022. Only 2-3 officers’ windows operating out of around 12!

Christina Pfeifer (Engelska)
För 6 och månader sedan

We just arrived in Madrid through London and found this airport to be the worst we have ever experienced in transiting the globe. Third world countries do a better and more friendly job of it. You deplane to be expected to hike up steep ramps. In our case three ramps up to then extremely long flat moving sidewalks. We walked a total of tree miles to wait over an hour for bags with a wrongly displayed belt. Then when we found the correct belt it was a frenzy trying to get it. The passport lines and health lines were long and not one person smiled or acted anything but mad to be at work. Then finally and totally worn out we excited to an absolutely mind blowing long taxi line that quite literally was a half mile long. The entire experience was horrendous. This airport may be new and large but it is ill designed and managed and is surely not for anyone with any infirmities or not in good physical shape. It is not a good introduction to Spain.

Joyce Walsh (Engelska)
För 7 och månader sedan

DO NOT CHECK LUGGAGE THROUGH BARAJAS WITHOUT HAVING YOUR BAG WRAPPED IN PLASTIC!!! For the third time in 4 years I have had items stolen from my bag. A curling iron, costume jewelry and this time a brand new golf shirt. It is out of control with baggage handlers as thieves!!!!

Sad passenger (Engelska)
För 9 och månader sedan

Awful staff, shouting at my daughter at security to push her own trays, passport control sullen and all staff in general. Have a feeling they don’t want visitors, not English ones anyway. My poor daughter was close to tears. It’s just unkind never mind any thing else.

John Jordan (Engelska)
För 10 och månader sedan

This is a very large airport. It is difficult to navigate. The airport uses air bridges which really impact on boarding and exiting the plane. The gate staff are very nasty and actively look to provide a negative experience. There are very few shops and cafe bars are also thin on the ground. The security is sullen and the extremely small trays mean you have to use 1/2 a dozen for the basic things you bring. It is very difficult to get any help and the signs are very difficult to follow. The passport control was reasonably efficient. Then the boarding gate. A quiet Monday evening flight to Manchester. Disaster start to finish. Rude unhelpful aggressive staff. Really showed contempt for UK passengers but were far more helpful to Spanish passengers. I do not know if this is racist but I certainly felt like a second class by the treatment we received. I have tried to think of something positive. In this times of difficulty I would like to see everyone trying their best. But the check in crew on this Terminal 1 gate 29 really need to think that passengers are people not cattle.

Silvia (Italienska)
För 1 och år sedan

Spettacolare e luminoso, facile da girare e insegne molto chiare , pulizia estrema sia nei bagni e non solo uno dei più belli che ho visitato.

shibi (Franska)
För 2 och år sedan

Nous sommes étonnés par la qualité de service très médiocre de l’aéroport: problème de communication entre contrôle sécurité et la compagnie ryanair (3 va et vient pour résoudre un mentendu entre les 2), Service tax free est catastrophique: après une longue attente, le service nous a orienté vers un autre service, il faut attendre presque 1 h........... en fin nous avons quitté la queue pour éviter le départ de l'avion.

Je ne vais jamais visiter ou passer par cet aéroport, dont le nom me fait peur ainsi que pour ma famille.

Kai (Engelska)
För 3 och år sedan

Nice airport and fast security check but, some employees don't speak English...

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