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Omdömen av Malta Airport

Läs omdömen eller skriv ett för Malta Airport (MLA) i Malta. Ge andra flygresenärer viktig information om flygplatsen och berätta för oss om din erfarenhet av flygplatsen. I dagsläget har 6 flygresenärer skrivit ett omdöme för Malta Airport och gett 3 av 5.


Inga omdömen har hittats på ditt språk. Bli den första att skriva ett omdöme.
Dr Paul Harris (Engelska)
För 4 och dagar sedan

Arrived at Malta Airport early for my return flight to Gatwick, so took the opportunity to seek help from the Information Desk to download my boarding pass for a future trip.

They couldn't have been more helpful. I was anxious, but my problem was solved in a jiffy.

Thanks a million!!


Sandra (Engelska)
För 11 och dagar sedan

We recently flew to Cologne from Malta Airport. We parked our car for 3 days at the Park East Multi-Storey Car Park on the recommendation of the airport parking community. This car park is well lit, has video surveillance and modern, but costs, in my opinion, a bit expensive. That's why I can give Malta Airport only 4 stars. Airport terminal itself is cozy and clean. Bus stops are located directly in front of the terminal building.

tom (Engelska)
För 4 och månader sedan

Trolley renting machine doesn't work, but one star for personal at info desk to call someone to bring a trolley.
Clean side of terminal is way too cramped for hundreds of passengers waiting their flight. Besides some genius idea to place a open piano in waiting lounge, just add drums and fipple flute for so called talented people to play.
Automatic flush in the toilet works almost as properly and unexpectedly as everything else on the island.

Massimiliano (Italienska)
För 3 och år sedan

Volare con AIR MALTA? MAI PIÙ!!!
Fate attenzione al sito, lo scopo è confondere e creare errori.
Le informazioni sono quasi inaccessibili e il tutto serve per farsi trovare spiacevoli inconvenienti al check in.
Per comunicare con il personale air malta ho mandato mail e messaggi a ogni canale... Mail, messaggi al sito, messaggi a tutti i social disponibili
Oltre alle 5 ore di ritardo del viaggio d'andata da Milano per Malta al ritorno ci hanno chiesto €80 per ogni bagaglio senza nessuna spiegazione, la unica giustificazione fornitaci è che nella nostra prenotazione appariva un acronimo NIL che significa nessun bagaglio.
Purtroppo non trovo nessuna traccia nella mia prenotazione di questa fantomatica sigla e francamente dopo dozzine di chiamate e messaggi per perfezionare l'ordine (prima mi rifiutarono il pagamento, poi su 8 assegnazioni me ne caricarono 2, poi abbiamo scoperto che il sito non funziona perfettamente se in italiano, poi, poi, poi) qualcosa potrebbe scapparti se non sei sherlock Holmes....
Comunque compagnia PESSIMA farò un reclamo e farò in modo che chiunque possa far tesoro della mia brutta esperienza

Flying with AIR MALTA?  NEVER AGAIN!!!
Pay attention to the site, the purpose is to confuse and create errors.
The information is almost inaccessible and all it takes to make you find unpleasant incidents at check-in.
To communicate with the air malta staff I have sent emails and messages to each channel ... Mail, messages to the site, messages to all the social networks available
In addition to the 5 hours delay of the outward journey from Milan to Malta on the way back, they asked for € 80 for each piece of luggage without any explanation, the only justification given to us is that in our booking there was an acronym NIL which means no baggage.
Unfortunately I don't find any trace in my booking of this elusive acronym and frankly after dozens of calls and messages to perfect the order (first they refused the payment, then on 8 assignments they charged me 2, then we discovered that the site doesn't work perfectly  if in Italian, then, then, then) something could escape you if you are not sherlock Holmes ....
However, TERRIBLE company will make a complaint and I will make sure that anyone can learn from my bad experience

Sebastián (Engelska)
För 3 och år sedan

Cosy airport, perhaps a bit small it has all the necesary, the lounge area (lounge key, priority pass, etc) is a 5 stars one.

Jurre (Engelska)
För 4 och år sedan

Malta Airport is a small airport with all neccesary facilities. Passengers must leave the plane via stairs and make a small walk to the terminal. Toilets are modern and clean. Some shops to buy lightning adapters for English outlets.

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