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Omdömen av Marseille Airport

Läs omdömen eller skriv ett för Marseille Airport (MRS) i Frankrike. Ge andra flygresenärer viktig information om flygplatsen och berätta för oss om din erfarenhet av flygplatsen. I dagsläget har 7 flygresenärer skrivit ett omdöme för Marseille Airport och gett 2 av 5.


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Melki Yasmina (Franska)
För 2 och månader sedan

Avis aux futurs voyageurs au départ de l aéroport de Marseille je tiens à vous informer que celui-ci est un aéroport avec très peu voir pas du tout d indication sur vos vols et restitution de bagages et blague de mon week-end avec un vol compagnie transavia donc vol low cost si malgré votre patience vous restez coincé en fil d'attente contrôle de sûreté vous ratez votre avion non pas par le fait d avoir été en retard non du tout juste par la lmauvaise volonté du personnel aux portes d embarquement et le non respect du voyageur avec leur savoir-être bref Maman de trois enfants je suis restée là alors que l'avion n avait toujours pas décollé honteux horrible cauchemar de ce fait j ai du trouver un hôtel puis un départ pour rentrer sachez tous que ce personnel reste non.profesionnel et je vous déconseille de venir deux heures à l avance mais pour être sûr d'embarquer passer la nuit sur place voir venir 4h à l avance

Bon courage à tous au départ de l'aéroport de Marseille

Tito Rodriguez (Engelska)
För 1 och år sedan

SUPER ECO !!!! DO NOT GO THERE!!!! THEY STOLE INSIDE MY CAR !!!! VERY VERY DANGEROUS , thieves and the parking takes no responsibility!!!

camera (Franska)
För 1 och år sedan

aucune information sur les consignes sanitaires à respecter

Kai (Engelska)
För 3 och år sedan

Terminal 2 (the Low-Cost Terminal) at Marseille Airport is usually very busy. When you enter the building there are many check-in counters to check-in your bag but you'll only receive a label here and you need to bring your bag to the baggage drop off yourself. After the security check, there is just one hall with seating area, some shops and some places where you can get food. Usually, there is not much place to sit because there are so many people. Sometimes there are some free seats upstairs (if you follow the sign to the toilets). Unfortunately, you can't already go to your gate to wait there because your gate is only indicated 30 min before departure...

Chris Bamforth (Engelska)
För 3 och år sedan

We travelled from Marseille airport with EasyJet in July. There were only two lines for check in, and neither of them moved for 20 minutes. We were just stood in the ‘Speedy Boarding’ queue for 20 minutes without an explanation. Everyone around us was asking what the problem was, no-one knew. When the queue started moving, it was very slow - seemed a very manual process.
We ate at the ‘Cantine des Voyageurs’ which had only one server, covering the till, hot drinks and everything, at her own leisurely pace with no sense of urgency or even a smile. The baguettes were all wrapped in cellophane but left open at one end so going hard. Nice choice of cakes set out ‘deli style’ that you could select from yourself & take to the till, but there were lots of flies on them and on the dining tables,.

Angela Carabott (Engelska)
För 4 och år sedan

It was a pleasure arriving in Marseille and airport was fast but returning to my country was quite a hassle as there was no information which was the gate to go for boarding even though I had priority boarding there were no rules for queuing! I love Marseille and will definitely return but I wish boarding will be more smooth.

Fabian van den Bogaard (Engelska)
För 4 och år sedan

terrible airport, unfortunately i have to fly here several times a month.
they have a delay rate of somewhere between 70 and 90% yust because the airport staff is lazy as can be.

they dont let planes board and or leave in time yust because they can, and for no particular reason,

this is also to blame for air france, who i think is THE most unfriendly airline there is

wouldn't recommend

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