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Omdömen av Podgorica Airport

Läs omdömen eller skriv ett för Podgorica Airport (TGD) i Montenegro. Ge andra flygresenärer viktig information om flygplatsen och berätta för oss om din erfarenhet av flygplatsen. I dagsläget har 2 flygresenärer skrivit ett omdöme för Podgorica Airport och gett 1 av 5.


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MT (Engelska)
För 1 och månad sedan

The two women who were supposed to be only scanning boarding passes have literally destroyed the reputation of this airport and even of Montenegro as a country, for anyone who has spent little time there. They created a line 50 meters long and waits of 30-45 minutes for no reason. We nearly missed our flight despite arriving with plenty of time. These women should be instantly fired, should have their pay docked, and should have to write a handwritten apology to every passenger they delayed for absolutely no reason. Their jobs should be given to someone who actually cares and wants to exchange with society. They had one of the easiest jobs on planet earth. All they had to do was scan boarding passes and let people into the line to have their passports checked and go through security. Yet they managed to delay each person by up to several minutes, by fussing around, having long conversations and making people wait, sometimes allowing people to cut in line, other times arguing with people for a long time about cutting in line (and holding up the rest of the line), stopping to slowly drink water and take their sweater on and off, etc. There was no urgency or care to allow people to move through the line and catch their flights. In fact it appeared that they were deliberately slowing people down as much as they could so that they could miss their flights. To scan a boarding pass and let people through takes 5 seconds at any other airport. Not at Podgorica airport - there it takes several minutes per person and the line that should be the fastest is actually the slowest - 30 - 45 minutes for absolutely nothing.

These are the two women who were scanning boarding passes between 8 and 9 am on November 26.

Nicola (Engelska)
För 7 och månader sedan

The worst airport I have ever travelled through. After being waived into the business lounge, an older woman with blonde hair came in screaming at everyone to move. We asked in English. She just carried on waiving her arms to get out like we were cattle not humans. Then a lady with long dark hair and too much make up came in saying, just get out lady. I explained I have lounge pass with Amex & DragonPass. She was waiving her arms, shaking her head and saying, get out lady. I showed her my pass and she said it’s not for your flight with Ryanair. I explained I wasn’t travelling with Ryanair. She said that pass doesn’t work for this lounge, which is strange as it’s on the app and we showed it to get in. This incredibly rude woman just carried on waiving her arms saying, get out lady. This person has no respect for human beings and treated us like cattle and bossing us around. Smiling like she thought it was funny. If you can avoid this airport, I recommend that you do! Overpriced food; not enough seats and dirty bathrooms.

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